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Dr. Thomas Schneider  

Chair for Land Use Planning and Nature Conservation

Am Hochanger 13
85350 Freising-Weihenstephan
Tel:  +49 (0)8161 71- 4780
Fax: +49 (0)8161 71- 4671
Email: Tomi.Schneider@lrz.tu-muenchen.de

Curriculum Vitae:

Schneider Thomas, Dipl. geologist, Dr. rer. silv.

Main experiences: field- and laboratory specroscopy, digital, optical remote sensing, aerial photograph interpretation, GIS, project planning and management

Date and place of birth: 16th of February 1956, Hermannstadt, Romania

Sex: male

Nationality: german

Children: Philipp Grötsch, 7th of March 1985

Languages: German (mother tongue), English, Romanian, (Italian)


1963-1971 primary and intermediate school in Hermannstadt

1971-1974 secondary school "Brukenthal-Lyceum" in Hermannstadt

1975-1975 university qualification course in Wiehl, Germany


1976-1977 Physics, Technical University (TU), Munich

-1985 Geology/Paleontology, Ludwig-Maximilian-University (LMU), Munich

#PhD Forest Sciences, LMU Munich

Further development:

02.-10.97: ARC/INFO course to a certified "GIS-Expert"

Professional activities:

05-09.1985: assistant helper, Institute for Constructions, TU Munich

Since 06.1986: Chair for Land Use Planning and Nature Conservation at the Faculty of Forest Sciences of the LMU Munich

06.-12.1986: scientific assistant helper,

1987-1996: project scientist, project leader, lectureship Chair for Land Use Planning and Nature Conservation, LMU Munich,

since 1994: leader of the remote sensing and GIS working group

07-10.1996: period of unemployment

11.1996-01.1997 employment Ing. Office Wolfgang Robl, protective forest GIS project

since 09.97: project leader, lectureship, Chair for Land Use Planning and Nature Conservation, LMU Munich


since 1994 Remote Sensing in Forestry, GIS and Remote Sensing in Land Use Planning, tutorials and exercises in applied remote sensing and GIS


project scientist: "Forest Desease", "Climatic Change" programs of the Ministry of Science and Technology, "MOMS-02" program of the German Space Agency (DARA), "Synergy of Remotely sensed Data" EU network, program HCM, "Synergy of optical and microvave data in forestry" Bavarian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

project leader: "MOMS-02/D2" program of the German Space Agency (DARA), "ALPS" MOMS-2P program of DARA (DLR), "ALPMON" CEO network, 4th framework program of the EU, IKB-Dürnast project of the DFG contribution: E-MAC, EARSEC, LASFLEUR measurement campagnes of the EU, measurement campagnes in Germany, Ethiopia, Egypt

Research Priorities:


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