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Partial Project 2

Gathering of Process Data with the Agricultural BUS System (LBS)

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Dipl.-Inform. Achim Spangler Prof. Dr. H. Auernhammer
achim.spangler@web.de hermann.auernhammer@wzw.tum.de
Research Center for Agricultural Engineering, Technics in Plant Growing and Landschaftspflege

Short Description

In this subproject an automated data acquisition is to be developed. In addition the LBS systems in Duernast are to be completed. The project is divided into several subranges.

In the first phase the LBS systems available at the market must be analyzed. These systems must be analyzed, to get to know which parts and possibilities of the LBS standard are supported in which quality. For performance analyses the resulting BUS-Load must be examined.

In the second step the basics and methodologies for an automated data acquisition must be worked out and defined. Possibly necessary supplements and corrections at the LBS communication protocol can be integrated into the appropriate DIN and ISO standards. If the LBS systems which are available at the market should not supply the necessary possibilities of data communication, then these must be stated to the manufacturers, so that the systems can be completed in the necessary way.

Subsequently, a task controller can be developed, which can store automatically the acquired data in the DIN and ISO standardized data format. In order to achieve this, a LBS development system must be established. In the long run this system must be transferred and integrated to the LBS system in the experimental farm Dürnast. Accompanying the LBS components with and without task controller in the application must be tested.

Published in the "Mitteilungen der Vereinigung Weihenstephaner Universitätsabsolventen"



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