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Partial Project 4

Water and Nitrogen Content in Plant and Soil as Causes of Spatial Variability of Crop Yield

Partial Project Researcher

Partial Project Director

Dipl. Forstw., M.Sc. D. Geesing;
Dipl. Biol. F. Ruthenkolk
Prof. Dr. U. Schmidhalter
Department of Plant Nutrition

Short Description

Crop growth and yield often vary within short range and are weather dependent. We hypothesise that farm management can be economically and ecologically improved by production techniques adapted to individual field areas. The objective is not to level natural differences between those areas but the site and weather specific application of nitrogen fertiliser. The strategy of individual site management is based on soil surveys and long-term yield mapping.

In this project, methods of non-contact field survey and remote sensing will be developed or improved better evaluate water and nutrient supply which are the major factors of crop yield variation production techniques will be derived to exploit efficiently the economic and ecological advantages of individual site management.

Studies will be made with wheat and corn on the experimental farm ‚Duernast' under controlled field conditions, at geo-referenced points and on field stripes under close-to-real conditions. Studies will be the subject of two doctoral theses with a strong financial support of the Department of Plant Nutrition.

published in "Mitteilungen der Vereinigung Weihenstephaner Universitätsabsolventen"



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