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Partial Project 5

Field Spectroscopic Measurements for the Approximation of the Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) of Heterogeneous Agricultural Plots

Partial Project Researcher

Partial Project Director

Dipl. Geol., M.Sc.  I. Manakos Prof. Dr. U. Ammer
Dr. T. Schneider
Ioannis.Manakos@lrz.tu-muenchen.de Ulrich.Ammer@lrz.tu-muenchen.de
Chair for Land Use Planning and Nature Conservation

Short Description

A central issue in the field of precision farming is to find out which information is needed to effectively estimate the exact quantity of the fertiliser to be applied. To this objective remote sensing is of major importance. Among the presently international discussed solution perspectives there are two, which are thought to be relevant with the objectives of IKB-Duernast Project : the mapping of the agricultural plots from satellite data (mapping approach) and the on-line scanning in the field from scanners attached to tractor (on-line approach). Both approaches demand calibration data, which can successfully relate the registered signal with the geophysical characteristics of the vegetation canopy. The work in Partial Project 5 has the primary goal to carry out field spectroscopic measurements and create a database from nadir and oblique derived spectral responses. These data will be used to approximate the bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) of the test-plots. At the same time geophysical characteristics of the investigated vegetation area (Partial Projects 3 and 4) are collected and processed. An effort to invert the approximated BRDF with the existing physical models using the latter referred data will take place. A further aim would be to improve the function of invertion providing the basic conditions for the remote sensing driven automatization of the quantity of the fertiliser to be applied.

published in "Mitteilungen der Vereinigung Weihenstephaner Universitätsabsolventen"



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