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 Instructions for using HyperNews 1.10.0

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Table of Contents

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(ball)  Quick Overview

HyperNews, a software package written by Daniel LaLiberte, selectively combines World-Wide Web (WWW) and NetNews functionality to support conferencing on the WWW. Readers can add responses to existing base articles and/or other responses. Base articles provide moderated organization of information, while response trees support unmoderated discussion about that information.
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Membership Becoming a Member

When you become a "member" of a HyperNews site, you will be given certain rights; these rights vary depending on how the site is configured. Although you are not required to become a member in order to write messages, you will probably want to become a member if you visit this site regularly. You can become a member of this HyperNews site now, or at a later time by selecting the "Members" button  Membership found near the bottom of each discussion area.
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(ball)  Reading Messages

You do not have to be a member to read messages posted to the discussion topics.

A HyperNews "base article" looks like a normal web page except there may be "messages" appended to the end after a "Messages" header, and there are controls to traverse the messages, add new ones, etc.

New messages are always postioned after older messages in the same discussion. The newest of the new messages have a new icon of some kind to draw your attention.

(ball) Navigation

You can use one of the navigation buttons to simplify reading of neighboring messages.
"Next Message"
Go to the next message that is replying to the same thing, skipping over any replies to this message. If there is no next message, go to the next message one level up.
"More (or "Next-in-Thread")
Go to the first reply, if there is one, or the next message at the same level, or some higher level. Use this to read every message.
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 Adding a Message

The button  allows you to respond to the discussion topic (or response) that is currently being displayed. Added messages will automatically be displayed in the message tree at the end of the discussion page.
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(ball)  Submitting your Message

When you are done editing your message, select the Preview Message button. The next page will be your message formatted as it will appear to readers (using your browser at least), with a Submit button at the top. If it looks OK, go ahead and Submit it. If you want to edit your message, use your browser to go back to the previous page, the message form.
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 Administration of Messages

You can reorganize previously posted messages by selecting the "Admin" mode button . This will redisplay the discussion's message outline with a check box next to each message title. Simply select the messages you want, then click on the Copy/Move/Delete button.
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 Subscribe, Unsubscribe, and Notification

You can be notified by email when any new messages are added to a discussion (or any messages comprising that discussion).

To subscribe, unsubscribe, or inquire about your subscription status for a particular article or message, first display that article or message. Then select the "Subscribe" button at the bottom of the page.
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