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  • The research group "Information System for Site Specific Crop Farming (IKB-Duernast)" was finished in Weihenstephan by a symposium, where the results of six years of research were presented. The focus of the procject was to create a site specific fertilizing system working on different aspects like sensoring and information networking, soil and plant nutrition as well as economical and ecological optimization of ressource use. The presentations and some pictures of the conference are provided on the project homepage.
  • The agenda of the final IKB-Symposium on October 11./12. is complete! We invite you to participate and request for make your registration (contact adress is written in the agenda). It is possible to book rooms in the listed hotels (see next message below).
  • On 11./12. October as final event of the DFG-research group 'Information System for Site Specific Crop Management (IKB Duernast)' a scientific symposium takes place at Campus Weihenstephan. Detailed information about the program can be downloaded from the project homepage from mid of September.
    Rooms are reserved for you in the following hotels (Please book until 30th of September under the keyword 'IKB'!):
    - Gasthof zum Alten Wirt in Langenbach (48 , 10 min by car, shuttle-service)
    - Hotel Lerner (50 , 5 min on foot to Campus)
    - Pension Pflügler (ab 55 , 5 min on foot to Campus)
  • Within the DFG integrated research project "Information Systems Precision Farming Duernast (IKB Duernast)" seminar events to current research topics and basics for Precision Farming are taking place again. On Wednesday, the June 23th 2004, Dr. Claus Buschmann of the Universität Karlsruhe presented "Fluoreszenzbildsanalyse zur Stressdetektion bei Pflanzen" (fluorescence image analysis for stress detection of plants). In the subsequent lively dicussion there was a great interest in the topic which conclusions for practical application in the field can be drawn based on the presented basic research results. Two further seminar events are scheduled: June 30th 2004, 17:00, PLA: "Interpretation von Variogrammen im Precision Farming" (Interpretations of variograms in Precision Farming), Speaker: Dr. Martin Bachmaier, TU München. Jule 7th 2004, 17:00, PLA: "Precision Farming im Pflanzenschutz -Ergebnisse aus dem Graduiertenkolleg in Bonn-" (Precision Farming for pest management - Results from the postgraduate research project in Bonn), Speaker: Dr. Roland Gerhards, Universität Bonn.
  • On March 12th and 13th 2004 the subject group "Technik im Pflanzenbau" (Crop Production Engineering) hosted an international Workshop about "Yield Mapping - A first attempt to standardized procedures" within the scope of the IKB-Duernast project (Information System for Site Specific Crop Management - Duernast). Therewith the working group of Prof. Auernhammer set a signal and initiated a first attempt to standardized data acquisition and processing for yield mapping. With specialists from USA and Europe first necessary steps were discussed at this workshop. Harvester manufacturers' representatives were also involved in the workshop in order to ensure realisation of attained understandings in the near future.
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