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Project Description

Project name:

IKB-Duernast (Information System for Site Specific Crop Management)

Involved branches of study:

Agricultural technologie, husbandry and crop production, plant nutrition, agricultural business operation, agricultural economy and agricultural ecology, mathematics and statistics

Aim of the program:

The research group completes the site specific information system at experimental station Dürnast. Therefor the site specific data of draft forces occurring at field work are added to the current source of information. Further mathematical statistical steps are derived and tested in regard to an operation oriented classification for yield maps. Spectrometric sensing of standardized biomass and nitrogen content is continued and used as reference value for specific fertilization. Based on measurements on potato plants and grain maize, these issues will be transferred to late ripening crops. The contactless online sensing of water content in plant and soil is intensified. By the use of Data mining dependences between yield and significant influencing factors are determined and rules for site specific application are derived. Implementation is based on a specifically defined "In-Field-Controller" in addition to the standardized mobile communication systems by LBS/ISOBUS.
For an economic assessment of site specific fertilization strategies different production functions based on the information pool are derived and rated by nitrogen free plant production. The ecologic estimation is based on the assessment of nitrogen losses.

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