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Research Stations and Institutes to Precision Agriculture (and alike)


These links are a result of my personal search for agricultural experimental stations and other agricultural research institutes both working on precision agriculture. With the help of the linked pages I judged if the institution could be a possible partner for discussions about the of IKB-Dürnast.

So you are pleased to use my link collection. But I give no guarantee for correctness of the links. In addition the comments are research keywords and descriptions which helped me to remember which research is going on there. So they don't represent nither the main nor the official research aims!
Country Name
Australia Centre for Precision Agriculture (University of Sydney)
 Spatial ReferencingCrop & Soil MonitoringSpatial & Prediction MappingDecision SupportDifferential Action
Australia Farrer Centre, Charles Charles Sturt University
(http://farrer.riv.csu.edu.au/farrer/research/churchill/ )
Investigate Precision Farming Technology and its Application
Australia Grains Research and Developement Corporation
Research Centre with a lot of projects, Search Engines for Precision Farming
Australia Curtin University of Technology, Experimental Station Muresk
Precision Farming Demonstration Centre: 
1. To establish a long term precision farming demonstration centre where farmers can evaluate precision farming equipment in operation throughout the season. Additionally, the site will be available for researchers to conduct paddock scale research 
2. To allow growers to decide where precision farming technology fits into their own operations 
3. To determine whether adoption of precision farming is profitable for Western Australian farmers. 
Australia, Melbourne University of Melbourne, Institute of Land & Food Resources
Innovative approaches to getting information on farm paddocks for use in site specific farming, Development of ariborne digital photography for precision farming: 
1. To develop methods and aerial digital photographic equipment to detect and locate weeds, pests and crop stress, as an aid to improving 
agricultural management and production 
2. To enhance farmer ability to selectively manage small areas of their land resource, according to its capability and with regard for the 
3. To apply remote sensing technologies to practical problems faced in agriculture and create awareness of the potential of remote sensing to 
solve real problems. 
Belgium Leuven, Laboratory for Agro Machinery and -Processing
( http://www.agr.kuleven.ac.be/aee/amc/amc.htm
The research activities at the Laboratory for Agro- Machinery and Processing can be subdivided into the following main areas:
Canada, Ontario Guelp, Farming System Research Team
A General Framework of Assessment; Crop Simulation Modelling Assessing Social and Economic Indicators; Impact of Farming Systems on Biodiversity; On Farm Economics of Conservation Tillage; Barriers to Adoption of Conservation Tillage; Bioeconomicsof Agr. NPS Pollution; Environmental Stewardship; ISO 14000 and Ontario Agriculture; Linkages and Transformations Modelling
Finnland, Helsinki University of Helsinki
Germany Institut für Pflanzenernährung und Bodenwissenschaften, FAL, Braunschweig
Precision Farming
Germany Verbundprojekt "preagro" (http://www.zalf.de,  http://www.preagro.de/) This research project is be made of 22 partial projects with 17 partners from research, industry and the service industry
Germany Institut für Agrartechnik Bornim e.V. (ATB) (http://www.atb-potsdam.de/abteilungen/abt4/) Special emphasis is given to the practical realisation
Germany, Bonn International Commission of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR)
Netherlands Wageningen Agricultural University
Enhancement of Global Positioning System with Dead Reckoning, Soil tillage resistance as tool to map soil type differences, Dynamic weighing for accurate fertilizer application, Analysis, Design and Implementation of an Information System for Spatially Variable Field Management; 
An Information Model for Precision Agriculture
Sweden The West Swedish Precision Farming Project
Variable Rate Application, site-specific soil management, soil-specific crop management, site-specific farming
UK Cranfield University, Centre of Precision Farming
UK University of Newcastle
agric02.htm#MAIN RESEARCH
UK, Bedfordshire Silsoe Research Institute
Precision Agriculture
Yield Monitoring and Mapping, Soil Sampling and Analysis
USA, Iowa Precision Agriculture Education Network; National Science Foundation, Agriculture and Food Technology
The Precision Agriculture Education Network is a network of Community Colleges and collaborating Universities and K - 12 institutions interested in enhancing science , math and technology skills using technology as applied in agriculture. 
This includes:  Biotechnology; Animal Technology; Computer / Telecommunications; Precision Farming
USA University of Maryland at College Park, Cooperative Extension Service, Focus Summer 1997
"Can Farmers Benefit from Precision Agriculture? (Demonstration Project Team Searches for Answer)",
"Better Yield Predictions Based on Soil Types",
"Co-op Helps Small Farms Boost the Bottom Line"
USA NESPAL National Environmentally Sound Production Agriculture Laboratory
Development of precision farming techniques and technologies for southeastern agriculture.; Development of pest-resistant crops, using genetic engineering and traditional breeding systems. ; A Landscape Approach to Protecting Water Quality in the Southeastern Coastal Plain ; Water Resource Requirements for Irrigation in the Southeast and Economic Importance of Irrigation in the Region ; Irrigation Management for Efficient Water Use and Optimum Crop Production; Effect of marketing standards on pesticide use in perishable commodities; Development of computerised assessment systems for pest control; Movement of pesticides and fertilisers in the agricultural landscape; Conversion of plant and animal production processing and food by products to resources; Improved propagation of native plants for landscaping
USA Precision Agriculture Center Online
USA Alternative Farming Systems Information Centre, United States Department of Agriculture


Report about alternative agriculture- Precision Farming; connections to a lot of research facilities
USA National Research Council - National Academy of Sciences
Precision Agriculture: Site-Specific Management Information Systems and Research Opportunities
USA Iowa State University
USA Soil Search Labs
full-service laboratory specializing in Precision Agriculture; precision ag sampling, mapping and analysis
USA ADDS, Agricultural Databases for Decision Support
Bringing the Expertise from Universities, Government Agencies, and the Private Sector to bear on the needs of Agriculture and the Citizens of the nation
USA Cal Fertilizer Org
USA Kansas State University, Research & Extension Web Site for  Precision Agriculture
Field-Scale Variation of Grain Quality, Geographic Information Systems in Agricultural Science Education, Georeferenced Sampling to Assess Soil Fertility Status; Precision Application of Phosphorus to Winter Wheat; 
Predicting Potential Mineralizable Nitrogen by Remote Sensing; Site Specific Crop and Irrigation Management (SSCIM); Variable Nitrogen Management for Improving Groundwater Quality; Variable Seeding Rate for Corn; Using Georeferenced Data to Optimize Soybean Production; Assessing the Role of Infrared Images and Yield Maps in Corn Production; Site-specific Lime Applications to Reduce Phosphorus Loading in the Cheney Watershed
USA Penn State University, College of Agricultural Sciences
overview.htm, Ag progress days:  http://www.cas.psu.edu/docs/
USA University of Wisconsin-Extension
Publications/WCM/1996/SSM96.html )
How "Precise" Is Precision Farming?, Applying site-specific technology to wisconsin cropping systems (Schuler)
USA Rutgers Cooperative Extension/Grant F. Walton Center for 
Remote Sensing & Spatial Analysis
Field Mapping Data Visualization for monitoring crop health and variability Wildlife Damage Assessment Precision Agriculture Integrated Pest Management
USA Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors, SAAESD
main page:  http://www.msstate.edu/org/saaesd/)
extensive research project from a lot research stations in South-USA; Topics: 
1. Adapt and develop sensors and data acquisition technologies for precision farming. 
2. Adapt, develop, and assess methodology and equipment for variable-rate control of inputs to precision farming systems. 
3. Develop methodologies and analytical tools for optimum utilization of inputs in precision farming systems. 
4. Assess the economic and environmental effects of precision farming. 
USA University of Nebraska
Remote Sensing, Yield Monitor, Soil Samplings, Aerial Photography, Soil Survey Maps, Digital Orthographic Quadrangle (DOQ)
USA University of Idaho
Crop Management Decisions Move Toward Precision, Sustainable Agriculture
USA Colorado State University
USA The University of Tennessee, Agricultural Experiment Station
anr/economics/precisionfarm/precision.htm  )
Regional Research Projects: 2002    S-283  Develop and Assess Precision Farming Technology and Its Economic and Environmental Impacts (DC 96-03, replaces S-252)
USA Agricultural Research Service (ARS)
the current state of precision farming; multispectral remote sensing and site-specific agriculture: examples of current technology and future possibilities; 
opportunities and limitations of remote sensing for precision crop management; 
simulation modeling in precision agriculture: soil 
fertility; capabilities of high spatial resolution aircraft remote 
sensing for use in precision farming; 
modeling crop yield for site-specific management 
USA Precision Farming Systems for Sojbeans, sponsored by: USB, FAR, PPI, NRCS, Growmark, Aces
Agronomic Evaluation, Economic Evaluation, Environmental Evaluation
USA Farmresearch.com
(www.farmresearch.com/ )
Multi-Regional Site-Specific Soybean Systems Research
USA, Florida University of Florida, Southwest Florida Research & Education Center
includes link to Precision AG'98
USA, Florida University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
Precision Agriculture and Remote Sensing Group with multidisciplinary cooperation
USA, Illinois Illinois Concil on Food and Agricultural Research
Evaluation of Potential Profitability of Precision Agriculture for Illinois Crop Farmers an Fertilizers & Chemical Retailers
USA, Kentucky University of Kentucky, Precision Agriculture for Kentucky
Variable-rate seeding in accordance with top-soil depth on highly eroded soils. (Kentucky Corn Growers). Variable-rate management of triazines in accordance with soil organic matter content and texture (Senate Bill 271, Commonwealth of Kentucky). Variable-rate management of inorganic and organic nutrients on Kentucky soils. (EPA 319(h)). Development of precision agriculture educational materials for the WWW. (USDA Challenge Grant in cooperation with Ohio State and Purdue Universities). Two-bin variable-rate fan spreader truck development. Variable-rate 28% nitrogen coulter applicator development. Yield monitor performance testing.
USA, Louisiana Louisiana State University, Dean Lee Research Station


Improve seed quality and yield of soybeans, corn, and cotton; Test and identify superior crop cultivars for Louisiana Producers; Produce breeders and certified seed of LAES strains and released varieties
USA, Minnesota University of Minnesota, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department
Development of Machinery Systems and Sensors for Site Specific Farming 
USA, Ohio Ohio State University, Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department
Yield Monitors and Maps: Making Decisions ;
USA, Oregon OSU (Oregon State University) Precision Agriculture Page
Student Projects: Yield Monitoring in Beans,Precision Ag Webpage and GIS Farming, Correlating Lab Data with Maps;
Courses about: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Image Procesing, Global Positioning System (GPS)
USA, Texas TAMU, Precision Farming Task Force
Some of the current research projects:
Yeld Mapping, Variable Rate Herbicide Application, Decision Support Software, Yield Potential Determination, Non-invasive Determination of Yield Limiting Factors;

Other projects:
Evaluating Site Specific Management in Texas using Yield Maps, Precision Machine Systems, Plant and Soil Analysis / Irrigation / Economics, Reducing Potential Ground Water Degradation with Herbicide Application Maps, Variability of Soil Test Phosphorus in Texas Southern High Plains

USA, Washington Department of Crop and Soil Science
Site-Specific Crop Management: 
Organic Nutrient Management & Water Quality, Soil Fertility, Remote Sensing & GIS
USA, Washington Washington State University, IAREC Prosser
Precision center-pivot irrigation for efficient use of water and nitrogen, Yield mapping of potatoes, corn, and wheat
Precision Farming at UGA
Variable Rate Technology for Application; Post Harvest Monitoring
The electronic Precision Farming Institute
Issues: Variable Rate Seeding Issues, Hardware/Software Issues, Sensors vs. Map based Isues, Mapping Layers for Site-Specifis Farming, 

Current Research: Determination of the Effect of Soil Organic Matter Content on the Measurement of Soil Nitrogen Levels with a Ion-Specific Electrode

North Carolina
NC State University
Objectives: increased production efficiency, improved product quality, more efficient chemical use, energy conservation, soil and ground water protection;
Keys to Success: Information, Technology, Management
USA Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC), RS&ML (Verbindung zu ARS USDA)
Site Specific Farming to Use Farm Resources More Efficiently,
The Use of Color Infrared(CIR)
Aerial Photography


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